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Mehri’s story : A story of perseverance, resilience and gratefulness

8 years ago, Mehri fled from a broken marriage, feeling emotionally void and knowing no one, she had no money and no place to go. Tzu Chi has been her companion ever since at her most difficult time. When Mehri gradually regained control of her life, she began to make a difference in her local community. She started volunteering and providing support to Iranian refugees, and hasn't looked back since.

When Tzu Chi volunteer Avaley (Manchester) mentioned Tzu Chi’s Heart Lotus fundraising program, Mehri’s eyes lit up and determined to save a little more donating to the causes in her mother’s name. She believed that filial piety was the first of all kindness and hope that her little donation could be a blessing to her mother back in Iran. She hopes that for every single penny that she saves can be turned into a blessing and not forgo even the smallest opportunity to do good deed. ‘With everyone’s endless love, I wish that society will be peaceful. Since my mother is not by my side, I hope that by a simple act of generosity showed my love and care for my mother!’ Mehri told Avaley.

We were deeply moved by her inspiration and grateful for her benevolence. Mehri is a living example of her belief that a single act of compassion and willpower, one can transform into great love and blessing. As Master Cheng Yen said: “Contentment is the state of the heart, the greatest form of wealth.”

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