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Tzu Chi

"Tzu" and "Chi" is romanised Taiwanese of "compassion" and "Relief". Together, "Tzu Chi" means "relieving suffering with compassion.

Tzu Chi Emblem

The Tzu Chi Emblem is a lotus flower in full bloom with a ship at the heart of the flower. The flower represents enlightenment, and the ship signifies ferrying living beings across the sea of suffering to the shore of peace and safety

Tzu Chi Emblem
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Tzu Chi UK

The Tzu Chi UK branch was officially registered in 1995 as a UK charity with services starting in London, Machester, Edinburgh, and now also in Malvern, Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury.  Many, although not all, of its volunteers are of Taiwanese origin, though it is increasingly inviting locals to assist in its work. Our founder, Master Cheng Yen, firmly believes that much of the suffering in the world results not just from material deprivation but also from spiritual poverty.  Thus, we believe in spreading the essential values of love and compassion to all, regardless of faith, ethnicity or gender, and to inspire love and compassion in both givers and receivers. Its overarching aim is to promote love and humanitarianism wherever it operates.

Tzu Chi UK
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