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Find us in the Community
Find us in the Community
Annual Ceremonies and Culture Events
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Buddha Day, Tzu Chi Day, Mother's Day

Tri-Ceremony in May

Every 2nd Sunday of May we celebrate Vesak (Buddha's Birthday), International Mother's Day, and Tzu Chi Anniversary in tribute to wisdom, nurturing, and humanity.

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Year-End Blessing

A time to thank all Tzu Chi members and donors, May our continuous efforts bring a new year blessed with peace and love.

Cultural Ceremonies


From Grassroots to Global Voice

Tzu Chi strives for holistic humanitarian response when disasters strike. While climate change continues to affect both the frequency and severity of natural disasters, it is our responsibility to act ahead of crises before it is too late. We call for eco-mindful actions and plant-based eating. We envision an ever-evolving universe, with our mind, body and environment in harmony with a lifestyle of health and sustainability.

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Action in Crisis
COVID-19 Response

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the Tzu Chi Foundation initiated a global PPE relief scheme. So far we've delivered over 22M PPE items to over 80 countries worldwide. In the UK, we've donated medical masks, gowns,  and gloves to 63 healthcare institutions. Tzu Chi UK continues to provide face coverings in the community. 

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