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The global Tzu Chi Foundation strives for holistic humanitarian response when disasters strike. While climate change continues to affect both the frequency and severity of natural disasters, it is our responsibility to act ahead of crises before it is too late. We call for eco-mindful actions and plant-based eating. We envision an ever-evolving universe, with our mind, body and environment in harmony with a lifestyle of health and sustainability.

“Our lives depend on the Earth. To do our part for the environment is our responsibility and mission.”

-- Master Cheng Yen, Founder of Tzu Chi


Community engagement

  • Hands-on open space clean-ups.

  • Street and community garden adoption to help keep the local areas clean.

  • Recycling outreach and awareness-raising.

Promoting zero food waste and plant-based climate diet


Resources conservation and waste reduction in charitable services

  • Water conservation in home cleaning assistance, e.g. in post-flood care volunteers tower off thick mud and avoid overconsumption of water by flushing.

  • Dynamic and creative cooking approaches working with donated ingredients for hot meal services.

Lowest carbon travel when out on a mission

  • Bike, public transportation, or carpool for event attending, aids delivery, care visits. 

  • Apply route optimisation planning when visiting multi-locations.


Use personal reusable utensils

  • Using personal reusable utensils is part of basic Tzu Chi volunteer awareness training.

  • In Tzu Chi events, volunteers bring their personal utensils and containers for mealtime.

  • The container can serve as a takeaway box for surplus food to reduce food waste.

  • We apply this practice in our everyday life and reduce single used products.

Youth engagement

  • Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers bring environmental awareness into actions in campus and the community.

  • Engaging with community gardens and growers and learning sustainability by doing.


The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is partaking in COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, to join in on dialogue surrounding action and collaboration towards the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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