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International Youth Leadership Program

We’re thrilled to officially announce that the application process for the 2024 International Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) is now open and welcoming new applicants. The application window extends until January 28th, 2024.


Organized by Tzu Chi International Youth Association (TIYA), the Tzu Chi International Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) will give you the opportunity to learn from experts and leaders around the world and on the completion of the program, exciting opportunities to UN conferences, international humanitarian work and more! 

Apply for Tzu Chi IYLP
  • Application Deadline: 28th January 2024.

  • Eligibility: Persons aged 20-35yrs at the time of application

  • 10 successful applicants will be selected into the Program. 

Note: Please do not submit more than one application. If more than one application is received, we will only use the first application submitted. If there are any problems with the online submission, please contact

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UK IYLP Delegate Story

Jia Luen's Journey to COP28

Jia Luen, a young doctor practicing medicine in the UK, was selected in IYLP 2022 program. He joined the IYLP delegation to the World Food Forum 2023 and COP28. Reflecting on his recent experience at COP28, he seeks to inspire more young individuals to join the IYLP.

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