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Tzu Chi Edinburgh teams up with Edinburgh Food Project to combat Covid19 and winter hardship

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

During the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, Tzu Chi Foundation took immediate action to provide PPE relief for frontline workers, adults and children of deprived families and to protect the local essential services. With gratitude towards Marilyn Higgins, a friend and food bank volunteer, Tzu Chi UK-Edinburgh Service had the opportunity to team up with the Edinburgh Food Project, an organisation where their volunteers had been working endlessly to break the cycle of food poverty by providing emergency food supplies across Edinburgh to combat the unprecedented challenges from Covid-19 and the winter hardship. Visors and facemasks were distributed to Edinburgh Food Projects’ volunteers at Edinburgh Northwest, Central and East food banks. From May 2020, Tzu Chi Edinburgh has provided more than 2600 disposable and washable face masks locally, and some of these fabric masks were carefully hand-sewn with love by dedicated Tzu Chi volunteers to ensure a continuous supply for the community.

Since Tzu Chi was founded in 1966 in Taiwan, winter aid has been an essential relief action across Taiwan and international branches such as the UK, Europe, USA and many more. Every winter season since 2015, Tzu Chi Edinburgh volunteers distribute winter care packs to those facing homelessness on the streets in the cold weather. Items include winter essentials such as beanies, blankets and socks. Along with practical support, in 2020, warm greetings in beautiful hand-made Christmas cards from pupils in James Gillispie’s High School and lovely calming-lavender sachets made by wonderful Tzu Chi volunteers were well received.

This season, Tzu Chi takes this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dawn Macleod, Service Development Manager of Edinburgh Food Project for their contribution of hygiene kits consisting of toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants and some chocolates and tea bags which completes the care packs. It has been a valuable opportunity for Tzu Chi Edinburgh to team up with Edinburgh Food Project and look forward to further cooperation to support our local community.

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