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Have Fun Cooking Under an Apple Tree

Will it be fun to welcome enthusiastic Vegan Kitchen chefs to your house to show you how to make tasty and hearty vegetarian meals straight from your fridge or fresh from your garden? You bet.

Under an apple tree, they start to create natural flavors and tasty vegetarian dishes. (Photo provided by Tzu Chi UK; date: 2021/07/22)

In the UK, Tzu Chi volunteers have been actively promoting a plant-based diet. They earn many fans on their Facebook page. In Salford, a suburb of Manchester, they were invited to a vegetable garden for a tour. They took the opportunity to cook vegetarian dishes under an apple tree.

They picked fresh vegetables from the host’s garden and made delicious vegetarian food for the host. They did not spend too much time cooking, and the food came out in a healthy and luxurious style. Dishes without meat or fish can also be great in presentation, smell, and taste.

A well-balanced vegetarian diet brings many health rewards. Studies have shown that predominantly plant-based diets are a healthier way to eat. They protect you from diseases such as age-related conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration, not to mention helping you lose weight. Besides, plant-based diets are better for the environment.

Tzu Chi volunteer shares how easy to make tasty, hearty and healthy vegetarian meals. (Date: 2021/07/22; Photo provided by Tzu Chi UK)

Tzu Chi volunteers in Oxford not only practice vegetarianism themselves but also encourage others to do the same. They are very willing to teach people how to prepare vegetarian dishes, so they can understand that practicing vegetarianism is not difficult.

Going vegetarian is really not difficult as long as we have the will. Start it today, if you have not done before. You will get benefit from being a vegetarian.


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