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Ukraine Crisis: Love Without Borders

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

UK, 07 March, 2022 -- By now, more than 1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine since 24 February. Observing events as they unfold, our Founder Dharma Master Cheng Yen highlighted the plight of refugees to Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide on February 28:

"Looking at them fleeing—some carrying young children on their backs, holding them in their hands, older ones holding smaller ones—large families are escaping in crowds. We do not know what their destination is."

From Syria to Afghanistan crisis, Tzu Chi Foundation is committed to global humanitarian aid efforts to the refugees, regardless of religion, race and factions, whether in providing free medical treatment in Tzu Chi Jordan, the full-scale refugee school in Tzu Chi Turkey, or the continuous living and winter essentials aid to Serbia camps from Tzu Chi Europe.

For the past few weeks, Tzu Chi UK and Europe have connected with Tzu Chi volunteers in Poland and local agencies, who have been working tirelessly on the ground. The first immediate distribution of emergency supplies such as daily necessities, food, and medical supplies, sourced locally, was provided in Poznań on 05/03/2022. Tzu Chi UK is joining the Tzu Chi Europe relief convoy of humanitarian aid and in close coordination with partners in Szczecin and Lublin. We continue to monitor and assess assistance operations accordingly in bordering countries.

While emotions can become heavy hearing the stories of the devastating war everyday, Master Cheng Yen invites the global community to send their goodwill and blessings to those suffering as a result of this crisis:

"Only when the heart is peaceful and peaceful can this man-made disaster be quelled."

We sincerely invite you to join our actions:

  • Donate to Tzu Chi Ukraine Refugee Appeal:

BCR Tzu Chi Foundation

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